We provide software and hardware engineering services focused specifically on helping companies develop products. Most of our customers are end users and they come to us for help in a variety of areas. Some may need help with a particular piece of product development like device drivers, application programming interfaces, adding support for standards, porting to new operating systems, etc. Some come to us for end to end product development.

The Davisgroup provides experience in development of applications, system tools and services in all leading technologies and conduct forward research and development on new technologies and methodologies.

We have solid expert experience and background in systems, database systems, operating systems, languages, compilers, interpreters, assemblers, file systems, and device drivers. We provide research and development from mainframe applications to cell phone technology.

Lee Fesperman is Chief Technologist - Software Systems with over 30 years of design and development experience for leading Fortune 500 companies.

Development of applications, tools and services, Considered an industry expert in database systems, operating systems, languages, compilers, interpreters, assemblers, file systems, device drivers. Worked with a wide variety of organizations, startups to large corporations.

Peter Martin is Chief Technologist- Hardware/ASIC development held senior level management positions in both start-ups and large companies utilizing proven skills Directing and Managing worldwide software/hardware engineering teams in both start-ups and large enterprises.

Minimizing Technical and Financial risks FPGA modeling for ASIC designs How far to go; COT versus ASIC flows.
Providing the technical leadership in the designing and releasing to manufacturing diverse communication software and (ASIC & Component & System) hardware products that must deal with multiple platforms (NT, UNIX, Linux, NetWare, Windows) and low to high-density data transmission. (xDSL, OC3/OC12) in both wired & wireless environments (10/100 Ethernet, 802.11a/e,b,g)

Consolidating diverse embedded software applications to a more generalized reusable code base by directing the use of modeling and OOP/COM techniques in some cases and re-writing a base-line release in others (this process takes many separately supported code derivations - a support nightmare - and creates a single base-line release with various compile options).

Our methodology is based on sound project management and product development principles. It helps ensure our customers get reliable, cost effective services. We've been providing services since 1990 and proven experience completing successful projects over the years. We use that experience to help you reach your goals.

Original design, development in the following technologies:

  • FirstSQL/J - Object/Relational Database Server written in Pure Java.

  • JIVE - HTML/Database scripting language for the Internet, for Windows and Unix

  • IODBC - database utility used by Perl programmers, for Windows and Unix

  • SQLfX is a next generation hierarchical (XML) query middleware.

  • ASIC MAC/Baseband/DataConverters, (2) Transceiver with integrated LNAs & PA, (3) GaAs Power Amplifier. The first two were .18u 6ml CMOS technology on 8 inch wafers. The transceiver came on-air with only one all metal spin. The Amplifier was 1 micron GaAs on a 6 inch wafer (HBT). Created an LTCC single package for all components.

  • ASIC Developed a million + gate ASIC (.25micron, 5 layer Cmos, 4 Watts @ 3.3 volts) containing cores for PCI, IEEE 1394, 2 10/100 Ethernet, ARM920 CPU, X-Bar Switch, USB Host, USB Slave, 128k SRAM and memory controller for external 512meg SDRAM & 64Meg Flash memory

  • PATENTS Filed six patents: one (1) on ASIC Cross Bar design and five (5) on software algorithms


Database and SQL
Expert in relational database and SQL including development of complete DBMSs. Developed database applications for Windows, Unix, Linux. Proficient in JDBC, ODBC and Embedded SQL.

Developed Internet and Intranet applications for a major insurance system. Developed Applets and Servlets in Java. Developed the popular HTML/Database script ing language - JIVE.

Programming languages C, C++ and C#
Extensive experience in developing complete systems in C/C++. Several FirstSQL Software products were written in C/C++ - the ODBC driver, the JIVE Interpreter and the IODBC utility. Specializing in portable C/C++ Code that is well structured yet efficient. Have developed systems in Unix C/C++, Microsoft C/C++, Borland C/C++, Lattice C, and other C compilers. Windows NT, XP & 9X


Design and produce state-of-the-art Internet gateway equipment for a multiple port Ethernet Lan (10/100/1000bps) to SONET/SDH conversion to be used in the high-end Switching/Routing market (LAN to OC3/OC12/OC48)


Advanced Standard SQL Dynamic Structured Data Modeling and Hierarchical Processing
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Michael M. David and Lee Fesperman

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