Partial list of Consulting Assignments

SICOM INC.                                                      Scottsdale, AZ
Developed a plan to integrate an engineering control system for ASIC, hardware, and software development in an Internet/Intranet environment. Performed forward research on LMDS/MMDS high speed wireless communications defining worldwide available market and applications.

NIE INTERNATIONAL INC.                                Phoenix, AZ
Vice President of Operations and MIS for one of INC Magazine's fastest growing privately held companies in Arizona. Reorganized manufacturing operations resulting in 20 percent improvement in product shipments and 25 percent reduction in material returns. Managed the software group developing a custom MIS system. Redirecting the focus of development improving system performance and user interface doubling performance of order processing, invoicing and inventory control.

InsWeb CORPORATION                                 Burlingame, CA
Executive Consultant, InsWeb has been in the online insurance business since 1995 and is one of the largest producers of personal lines insurance in the U.S. Conducted forward research on Internet requirements for development of a nationwide Internet connectivity solution with a joint venture with a major telecommunication company. Developed and designed a "paperless" Internet Transaction system that would allow over 300,000 insurance agents nationwide to develop their own personal web sites.

AVISTAR SYSTEMS, INC.                                 Palo Alto, CA
Program Manager  for
a start-up company developing video conferencing products. Set up manufacturing operations, technical support, engineering support and purchasing. Managed most levels of hardware engineering. Produced prototype units up to full production. Implemented a Client/Server based MIS system, Bill-of-Material, Inventory Control and Purchasing Modules.

MOTOROLA COMPUTER GROUP                     Phoenix, AZ
Program Manager
for a team of software development engineers producing various diagnostic software tools for the Motorola 9000 series UNIX based products. Proposed a new network strategy and development plan to bring Motorola products into the super file server market shared by SUN, HP and SGI.

PHASER SYSTEMS, INC.                                  San Francisco, CA
Vice President of Engineering for a developer of secure connectivity software linking LANs to mainframes. The customer base was for Novell Local Area Networks (LAN). Contracted as Vice President of International Operations, residing in London, Dusseldorf and Munich managing a technical and sales support staff. Primary technical and business interface for all European customers.

ETAK, INC.                                                       Menlo Park, CA
Program Manager
for a technology transfer from engineering release to full production of a vehicle navigation system to Robert Bosch GmbH in Hildesheim Germany. Managed all manufacturing operations, pilot production, production control, master schedule, MRP, BOM, engineering change control, and purchasing.

SURVIVE-All INDUSTRIES, Inc.                               San Diego, CA
Chief Operating Officer for a start up business providing products and services for the emergency preparedness industry. Developed the manufacturing operations and established a fulfillment center facility, provided new business development and primary point of contact for existing and new business.

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