Business consulting services are available to help you start, grow, or diversify your business in the areas of management strategies, marketing, business planning and organization, policies, procedures, processes and other business requirements.

The DAVISGROUP is an international engineering and business consulting group comprised of senior engineering management experts in business, marketing, software and hardware development. The consultants have all worked from the hands on design and development into production in each area of expertise, and have risen to the executive level. Each has and continues an active role not only in the design levels but communicating at all levels of management. We are advisors to the board of directors on company strategic product positioning and advise and recommend successful strategic direction.

Our speciality target markets are start up companies and small existing businesses requiring direction, experience and knowledge to move up to the next phase in business development.

We can also do a business analysis of your company to identify problems. Then our business consulting services provide solutions and implementation such as change management, process re-engineering, and Lean strategies. We help you devise new processes and procedures specifically for your business.

We never have any preconceived notions about your business and industry because each business is different and what works well for a competitor for instance, may not work well for your business.

Our knowledge comes from "the trenches" and is based on real life experience, not business models from textbooks. We strive to keep what makes you unique in mind at all times so that your company becomes better not different.

In providing business consulting services for your company we work with you to develop solutions that can be implemented to improve your core business. Our business consulting services are designed to help your company achieve maximum profitability, implement lean processes and procedures and to refine your target market or develop niche markets in which you can compete more effectively.

Davis Group Systems, DGS, Inc. is the software development group focusing on the future of the Internet and high speed that communicates with all devices. The Internet will become increasingly integrated with a range of diverse hardware devices, providing a uniform level of high speed integrated data communications.

Presently, we are in the final stages of developing the ultra-high speed file transfer and backup system software allowing data transfer to and from any device from geographically diverse locations. This software system enables the transfer of gigabyte size file transfers between in-house servers and cloud based backup archives. It can be initiated from virtually any desktop, laptop or mobile device in a Wi-Fi Android/iOS device to request secure data from anywhere in the world. Current research includes, but not limited to, IPv4, IPv6, and router technology to achieve multi-megabit transfer platforms.

Strategic Business Development

The main point of this process is to define the value principle provided to the market by the business. In all cases, the result of this process is a commitment to redefine or strengthen this value principle. As a document the strategic plan itself defines the company's reason for being and what drives the entity.

The strategic plan defines the company's niche in the competitive marketplace and defines the direction and actions necessary for success.

All employees, vendors and customers must understand the company strategy and their efforts must be guided and measured against the plan. This planning process defines where the shortfalls and opportunities exist in the following areas: Markets and Distribution Channels, Products and Engineering, Manufacturing Operations and Distribution, Finance, and Organization and Personnel.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Product Analysis
Customer Analysis
Due Diligence
Product Road Map
Business Planning
Market Analysis
Trend Analysis
Cost Reduction/Analysis
Project Management
Product Development

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